From the iPad 

Got the iPad at work. This isn’t the first note/ text/ mention of this in some form. I just want to see how easy it is to post to the blog from this. The environment inside the iPad is beautiful, no doubt. Will I end up selling the second apple product I got? Perhaps this isn’t fit for long posts but I decent for short quick updates. I’ll get used to this keyboard. I’ll get over swipe and the Google keyboard. Or maybe I’ll just download it on this. I don’t think I’m selling this…


Perhaps that’s not me

I’m beginning to wonder whether my posts read all together will portray a coherent picture or not? Are they meant to? Once again I begin my thought with questions. That’s how I am often confused, undetermined, pensive.

I’m looking back at my day at the office and glance through all those conversations in my head. It feels nauseating. So many things to talk about. So many artificial conversations. Is there a pressure when I’m speaking with people at work? Yes. Do I like that involvement and attention. No. Why do I do it? I get paid for easy work. It’s the middle ground between earning good money, utilizing my brain to do something constructive and being social. However, I don’t like to overdo that last bit. I can’t take those conversations for very long.

Those long, monotonous conversations, long silence before and after a meal, long walks. That’s me. I wish I could just walk up to most people and tell them, you know how irritating you are? I think a lot of people go through that emotion.