Conditions at some schools

I was recently watching a documentary which featured a few faculty members from leading business schools in the US. It wasnt something the schools should be proud about. Its seemed like a sad situation. There are Deans who are responsible for the administration of a school and then the same deans and few other professors who are unsure of their motives behind being part the system. If they were sure, the moivations were misplaced in an educational system.

That brings me to my next point. How does one evaluate motivation? How does one examine motivation? Do actions matter more than motivation? I hesitated to say yes but I cant clearly reject the idea either. In a court of justice there are times when motivation of an action determines the sentene that will be carried out. In day to day life however it is hard to examine motivation. 

There are professors at certain schools who seem to be contributing in a meaningful manner but that is all they are doing. Its hard to gauge whether the system is polluted or these are a few rotten apples. For the benefit of keeping me motivated I would like to beleive that these are a few rotten apples. If you put two and two together youll see Im refering to my motivation this time and not just a general motivation. 

What is my motivation to head back to school? Does it matter what the school is? Does it matter what I think of the school? Is it more important that I make something of this event rather than criticize faults in the system again?


If and when

I do decide to post this it won’t be monumental. I’ll keep writing and then I’ll be active again and then not so much again. For now the prep for school is on. I have some pretty much work to do both in terms of house hunting and academic stuff as well. Things on the home front aren’t too pretty either. Lots of changes I need to make in myself. 

Update land

I am getting ready to write the GMAT again. This will be the last time I attempt to sort out my life by these means.
I’ve been shown a sad picture by the company I’ve been working with for the past five years. That’s put in this way because I invested time and energy into this company. However I do realize that this is how multi national corporations usually behave. They suck the living life out of you and squeeze you till your last drop. I have no problem in being valuable to people but I have a problem in being valuable to a select few. Specially if I haven’t selected those. Time to get my life in order again.
On another note, I’m impressed with Patanjali products. They had a short time to influence me but seems to have won me over. This might seem disconnected from the tirade above but in my head connects. Baba Ramdev has a long history of wanting to get back manufacturing and production back to India. The sole reason being the profit creating mechanism of capital organizations. He believes that the  products being produced by the few FMCG companies can be made or produced more sustainably than they are being right now. On top of this he also has a claim to quality. Whatever his claims might be, I was bought because of my personal experience using the product. I’ll write more about this soon in the following days.

Moving to another country

So it’s almost like you believe in something and you get it. Really? I don’t think that statement portrays everything. I think it’s like when you talk about a full fledged war and interpret it like a skirmish. “…They all were ambushed and killed.”¬†Doesn’t really portray everything and gives a false picture to anyone reading it.

So I will be moving to another country. I chose a life choice instead of learning at school. This will probably cut down my options for a two year MBA. Besides the choice to move to another country the original option to continue study to learn business in the US was very expensive.

This changes a lot of things. It does not make me a rich person¬†at all. It gives me the same what I was getting but it does give me an additional year of international exposure. For now nothing has been finalized and neither do I have a contract. Let’s see how things pan out.