The morning

Water splashed all over the place. It has a feeling of fresh because the sky aren’t cloudy. The sun is shining and the atmosphere is bright. I see a runner in the distance, sweating out his run yet lost in thought about something. I myself am lost in thought. I’m in Osaka. It’s 7:00 am and I can see an old man cleaning his tiny compound with a broom. The morning bares the spirit of the place. Last night everything was a mess. People were lost, their drunken, mistaken steps found way home after another tiring yet forgettable week. 

My mornings were to now be journaling time. When did I decide that? When did I stop doing it? Yesterday was not as tiring as the day before. I didn’t run yesterday. The day was uneventful though I did clean up my affairs online. I stuck to healthy food throughout the day. During the day I spoke clearly. I spoke to mother without any apprehensions. 

The night was uneventful as it ought to be. I read and then read some more. This morning is a good start. This entry written in the presence of brewing coffee and shiny office spaces will get published!


The heart rate

I’m not very sure if reducing the resting heart rate by profucely exercising is a very good idea. My current heart rate is 150 bpm. I’ve just finished a 30 minute exercise regimen that’s derived from some parts of yoga, running, ido portal and the jiu jitsu. My inspiration lies in all of those aspects.

This part of my post I’m writing now when I’m back home. My resting heart beat? A cool 48 bpm. The reason I’m not sure if this is best method is because if I look at the cumulative stress on my heart it might average out to the same 72 bpm over a larger period. Perhaps there is another way to look at this. I’m not sure as yet. I will read more about this and get back to it.

So long for now…