Conditions at some schools

I was recently watching a documentary which featured a few faculty members from leading business schools in the US. It wasnt something the schools should be proud about. Its seemed like a sad situation. There are Deans who are responsible for the administration of a school and then the same deans and few other professors who are unsure of their motives behind being part the system. If they were sure, the moivations were misplaced in an educational system.

That brings me to my next point. How does one evaluate motivation? How does one examine motivation? Do actions matter more than motivation? I hesitated to say yes but I cant clearly reject the idea either. In a court of justice there are times when motivation of an action determines the sentene that will be carried out. In day to day life however it is hard to examine motivation. 

There are professors at certain schools who seem to be contributing in a meaningful manner but that is all they are doing. Its hard to gauge whether the system is polluted or these are a few rotten apples. For the benefit of keeping me motivated I would like to beleive that these are a few rotten apples. If you put two and two together youll see Im refering to my motivation this time and not just a general motivation. 

What is my motivation to head back to school? Does it matter what the school is? Does it matter what I think of the school? Is it more important that I make something of this event rather than criticize faults in the system again?


Sexual harassment during a mentorship at Columbia

I applaud the action of professor Enrichetta Ravina. She taught as an asst. prof. at Columbia Business School and now seems to be embroiled in the sexual harassment case. After reading about the actions of Bekaert, the professor who was her mentor in the past I’m not surprised. It seems to be typical male behaviour. It’s not sad that this has come up as news of what goes on in a business school.
I think beneath the facetious behaviour of top schools there lies an undercurrent of filth. A lot of good work is being done. However, I cannot fathom that these people are very far away from their innate human nature. It is but natural to be attracted to the opposite gender. That inclines people to behave in weird, confusing, hideous and repulsive ways at times. Knowledge empowers us to understand these urges and behave in a thus humane way but the fact is those tendencies are always there.
All this being said it’s sad and depressing that this prof Bekaert couldn’t keep his sexual advances in check and made survival difficult for another individual. After all he was a professor at one of the finest business schools in the world. A place that boasts of inculcating qualities of executive presence, leadership and knowledge. Maybe it’s just wearing a shiny badge on the outside and is actually rotting on the inside.

Professor Enrichetta has filed a $20 million lawsuit against Columbia University, alleging a hostile work environment, gender discrimination, quid pro quo sexual harassment, retaliation, failure to promote, and wrongful discharge.

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