Just another blip in the universe of words

Yes attention disorder is a thing. So, are the opportunities flying in the face of people who grasp any chance to improve and grow. While I sit in the coffee shop and listen to music, write, read, look at people interact, flip-flop between browser tabs, skip songs and then order food and sip my drink it’s easy to observe that I am distracted at any of those (mostly) trivial tasks. However it is also the age where information, knowledge and experiences whether curated or not, are abundant. On the other hand one can continue to do their work undisturbed and still be able to focus on the task at hand. However he or she might even miss opportunities to excel at things that they hadn’t observed, read, seen or experienced. I don’t think this is an excellent observation or unheard of conclusion to derive. I just want to throw this out there and think out aloud.


Thank you

Thank you for 2017 and providing me different options and opportunities.

Thank you for teaching my how to live and be organized. Today is the 1st and I’m off to a good start.

Now on to larger things in life and be less distracted.

Happy New Year…

Happy New Year

The first time I’m writing a blog on a new year’s day. Well wish you and me a Happy New Year. I don’t know if I have any plans but in case I do I will keep you posted. This seems too out of ordinary because everyone is doing something to be celebrating the new year. I’m anxious about it. I’m sure a lot of other people are too but everyone’s celebrating. Maybe this is what it means to look at the bright side of things… Celebrate when you know not where you are headed. Celebrate in a 24 hr/ 365 days/ 100 years simulation. Revel in the obnoxiousness of knowing nothing. Oh! this reeks of pessimism…

What can Under Armour do to change its misfortune?

So much for following earnings calls and a steady habit to post on my blog! I couldn’t convince and keep up to keep writing. I’m somewhere in the middle of my winter break. Hello again world! How is it going? I’ve grown up now. I listen to audio books, I talk about sustained competitive advantages and I try to create niches in the market by evaluating industry opportunities. No. I was just messing with you. I have learnt a lot in the past few weeks though. I had good experiences and I’m losing my skills because I’m not practicing enough.

Just writing one paragraph makes me feel this is good practice. Is it interesting to read haphazard thoughts? I don’t know. Tell me? Everything I read, more watch, these days has so much structure. Everything is carefully organized and curated to garner more followers. I remember when I was younger if ever I came across interesting content it would stay with me. When I started reading the first few pages of Infinite Jest it stayed with me. I was daunted by the size of the book but it stayed with me. Now, not so much. Every time I come across some (read any) content I am not stimulated. I’m not sure because I’m now numbed down or because everything is shiny and bright (read curated).

If you’re still wondering why I have that title you’re in the right place. It’s just that my thoughts veer between things and I had many other things to say before talking about a company I admire. Now I want to talk about that company but I also want to stay honest and stay true to what I’ve said above. These thoughts are haphazard.

Idea for the day: It would be better if WordPress organized and pushed out updates. Maybe it already does. This is modern soliloquy.

Back Up?

This blog like everything else I have done in life is quite intermittent. I would like to restart. Yes, hello world!

MBA school is going fine. Hectic? Yes! One week to go with the first semester. Have I learnt stuff? Absolutely! Would I recommend an MBA? Depends! What does my day look like today? Almost like a very typical MBA day: I’m visiting an employer for a “site visit”. Have to get some homework done. Have to prepare for my finals next week. Am I slacking? Yes. Do I have to keep my spirits up and keep pounding? YES!

An interesting Inquiry

How many of the readers are actual people? I was curious about this and thought I’d write a post. If this is read by you who are an actual person part of the populace then do not like it. If you do like the post then I’d assume that you are bots who like the post without actually reading through the web post. It would be interesting as an experiment. Data is king yes, but at the moment I do not have data to investigate. So this blog post makes sense. Tags? Of course there’ll be plenty of tags.

The bike shop

I went in to have a look at a bicycle. The one that’s really a road bike. Really sleek and doesn’t have gears. I saw the shopkeeper was at the back so didn’t want to bother with asking any questions. I proceeded to check out the bikes but the posters also caught my attention. Of course posters at any shop aren’t unwarranted and something quite expected.

When started looking at the bone accessories I was greeted with a pleasant “Hello!”. It wasn’t the kind you get used to in Japanese malls. It was a classic greeting that almost seemed out of a classic Hollywood movie. Unnatural for a bicycle shop but stimulus enough to grab one’s attention. Perhaps it wasn’t just the greeting but also the treble in voice you ought to hear from an elderly and experienced gentlemen. 

A little man came out the back and asked me what kind of a flashlight I was looking for? His appearance did justice to the tremble in his voice but not too his accent. I now had to but the accessory which I knew at the time I hadn’t entered the shop to buy in the first place. Perhaps I was sold but this guy wasn’t selling to me. 

He proceeded to tell me about his passion for bikes but his voice fell flat and a tad bit less excited when he said he was a cancer survivor. He didn’t ride anymore but heck he could show me his regrown pony tail to prove that he in fact used to be a biker. Unfortunately the cancer wasn’t his only tragedy. He had lost his wife a couple of years as well. He was rejuvenated towards the end now. Bikes were all he looked forward to. Reminiscing this incident makes me realize that I was audience to his life experiences for less than 10 minutes yet he told me all this and I still remember it. 

Perhaps ‘biker-man’, as I fondly recall him, had a treasure trove of stories. He was brimming with life experiences. He knew his journey would come to an end soon but he was now over his mid life crisis. He liked an audience wherever, whenever. His shop was just a vent for his passions. The bicycles were just manifestations of things he could take care of. His family was nowhere around. All he did now was steal time. Not happy, contented yet loving every moment of living. Excited about each moment that he grasped. Not worried about whether he would amount to anything and not concerned about what anyone would think about his actions. Not careless yet carefree.