After my Marathon

Long time since I ran my first Marathon. Well I didn’t run all of it. I also walked some kilometres in the middle. I did however run the last 6 kilometres. My time? 5:30:46. That wasn’t the worst. Now, I, gearing up to my visa interview for the US. Business school is next. Hopefully everything goes across ok. I’ve learnt that it’s very important to contribute positively to your environment. It’s like a positive feedback loop. The more you give the more you get. This might not seem like a new thing but it is definitely important to reinforce the thought time and again. 

I’m in the waning part of stint at Whirlpool Asia. I’ve given this company a lot of my good time. Much of it had been a good investment. I learnt a lot going along different functions and locations. People are important. I’ve learnt the most from situations involving people interactions. Memorable in a good way and bad. Testing times, specially the ones when people are pushed to their limits of behaving within their norms, brings out the best or worst in people. 

Hopefully management school will teach me fundamentals of finance but will also help me indulge in such people situations.