Growing Intelligence

Recently I’ve heard and read a lot about Artificial Intelligence or AI as it is popularly known. Frankly it’s not a lot but there has defnitely been a spike in my information input about this topic. I recently read about Cambridge Analytics. After that I heard Alex Jones on The Joe Rogan Experience. You can listen to it here. That episode alone is an information overload. You’ll know what I’m saying after you take a listen. Is it all believable? Of course not. It’s only when you take a step back and try to look at everything Alex Jones is saying with respect to what’s happening all around you kind of freeze and want to listen to it again.

I’m sure this blog is already on someone or something’s radar. ‘Something’ seems more appropriate after understanding how search algorithms work. Does that mean my visa will get rejected? Does this mean everything I write, chat, say, etc. here on out will be speculated? I don’t think so. If I do have an “intelligent” audience then I’m sure it’s “understanding” goes well deeper that to create an impression just on the basis of what I output. That’s what human beings, they are are not one layer deep. Funny because WordPress now tells me “Saving of draft failed.” Should I read deeper than this output? Of course not… This is a machine or is it? Haha … I’m already showing signs of dementia.

If AI isn’t very intelligent right now, it will be very soon. That soon is much closer than we say soon in human terms. Technology is increasing at an exponential rate and that has an impact on everything connected to technology. This laptop, the HVAC, the internet, water purifiers, artificial intelligence, etc. I’m trying to find balance in all this information overload. Does creating content matter? Yes. It is a form of expression. It’s a vent for creative expression. It’s not supposed to be the best. It is just another medium that helps express our fragile human expression. I’m trying to find sense in all this noise. I’m trying to find balance in all this nonsense.

“Don’t believe in anything but have faith in something ” – Leah Remini. More about Scientology and her another time.


Love & Peace



Organic Growth

I deciding to grow organically. Not in real life but in my persona on the internet. I am going to publish all my opinions on this website as much as I can in long form. For a long time people have become used to reading bits of information on the internet without adapting to long form. I now thing long form and dialogue is more important than ever. This is the reason I am now deciding to get back to composing long form compositions here on this page/ blog. I will not promote the growth of this blog through means of likes/ up-votes but rather let it grow on its reader base naturally. If someone finds the information on this blog appealing, so be it. If he or she subscribes to read more of my opinion pieces good, but if not, I cannot help it. However I will not write to provide my brain with shots of dopamine.