Interest in BJJ

Today I spurred my interest in bjj again… perhaps I’m going to focus now… two things that I want to do… understand the hash cash and pursue bjj. Let’s see how that turns out. Any advice welcome


Change and Growth

I’m returning to school in 5 months. I have a couple of formalities to complete before I do that. The world has changed. Donald J. Trumph was formally nominated as the 45th President of the USA. While the President of India requested political parties not to pull him into a political debate. Not to undermine that the political structure of both countries is very different and to make a comparison isn’t the best thing to do.

On another note, evernote’s updated, wordpress looks more streamlined. I then have more opportunities to create content. The book I’m reading these days is Zero to One by Peter Thiel. It’s an interesting read but I want to absorb more than just read it. I think the nuggets of information it has in every chapter makes the reader perceive the book like a collection of TIL from reddit. I want to remember the lessons specially knowing that the book originally was a group of lectures Thiel gave to his class at Stanford.