Travels and more

To be outrageous and yet be eloquent. To share my story with the ones looking for encouragement. My accomplishment will not be encouraging. My story might sound average. It will have jewels in it for the ones who are looking. It will have my memories in it embedded. 

Today I enjoyed some nice South Indian food. Again ūüėŹ. My day was uneventful, or so I wanted it to be. I did the bare minimum and just spent most of my day traveling. Perhaps I shouldn’t have taken an apartment so far. Perhaps some good this has as well. 

The dreams I’ve had these past two days are insightful. I rested well and want to get back to such beautiful and peaceful nights. The irony is that I’ll be traveling soon. Did I just notice a slight disdain for traveling? It’s a new place I say! Isn’t travel what I want? Is it coming true that I now am wearied out?

More to come from my travel to Korea. It’s a new place and should harbour some new experiences.


I will not give in

There are forces that force me to change. I know I was born perfect. I was born the way I was supposed to be, in the home I was supposed to be born in. I was born into an environment so that I could shine. I was surrounded by people who cared, who cared not, who didn’t bother, who bothered. It was all for a reason.

Today I stand here because I was meant. I fulfill a purpose in life that I know not. I will not settle for less.

Troubles in the world

Why would one talk about the problems in life they faced if they did not need solutions? Zig Ziglar once said sometimes people tell you their problems not to know about solutions but to get attention of their audience. No amount of help or ignorance would help them.

If it is attention that they crave then to adopt such a timid way to gain it is not honorable. Honor, you say? Who has it these days? Sometimes the dark of night brings out the worst behaviors in animals. Un-honorable and loathsome to say the least but why just talk about the dark. If one sheds a tear or portrays a picture just to gain goodwill he or she has not only just wasted time and life but also deceived their audience. It is deceitful and spiteful behavior which should be abhorred.

But there are genuine troubles in the world. There are challenges which have solutions. Solutions which are illusive and sometimes need ingenious thought. I don’t think I am capable of ingenious thought but I am capable of thought. Maybe ingenuity means different things for different people. Something that means plain sense for me could mean and ingenious thought for someone else. That is the reason when I care to share I do mostly everything without judging what I’m spewing out. You never know when¬†one man’s trash is another man’s gold. One man’s thought could cause another to be bold.


Leadership is not something you learn at school. Life teaches you to win at battles it throws at you. If it doesn’t teach you to win it will show you how to win and plead¬†you to follow examples. Leadership is not something that can be learnt in a Stanford 3 month course. It’s something that’s innate within a person. Of course the coursework will help one¬†look deeper within but it will not impart new behaviours and mannerisms.

Great leaders do neither need a position nor portfolio for people to follow them.

Ideas in another place and culture

My¬†head’s bursting with ideas as well. I think the cross culture thing is good. In spite of being inundated with media¬†I’m still having ideas how to improve day to day work.

Singapore impressions and status update

Well I got a place to stay. Looking around wasn’t too hard. Singapore is expensive for sure. Things like rentals and cab fare are pretty high. I’m not complaining from an India point of view. That’s a common mistake people make. I’m talking about it from a global point of view. However the other thing I feel is that if a place is as expensive as this it has an automatic filtering mechanism to the kind of population that thrives within.

On another note I’ve started to cultivate a positive mindset. I’m trying to because it feels like most things in life start and end in the head. They depend less on what someone else has to say and more on what you beleive. Everything from process to results to people and feelings has a significance only if you give it importance in your head first.