Letters and e-mails

What’s the difference? I think I gravitate towards taking my time to write about something. The best ideas come gradually and sometimes are illusive. In fact most of the times that stands true for me. To add to that, technology has shortened our attention span. As I write this, my attention is divided between two devices, which have screens as bright as can be. There are two tabs that are open. And those are the least number of tabs that is ever is open at the same time.

Letters had a feeling of calm to them. You needed to take time to write them and then you needed to take more time to read them to find out errors. That’s simply done on the fly now, thanks to auto-correct! It’s another experience to read the letter at the recipient’s end. An e-mail is quite another thing. Just during this time since beginning this post I’ve sent across a couple of emails. That says quite a bit about e-mails itself. I didn’t invest quite a lot of time into them. Perhaps I’m good at them 😉

That’s not to say that e-mails are not useful. They’re extremely useful. I only think they’ve replaced the letters and unfortunately along with that they’ve also replaced that element of writing letters which were for the sake of long form communication. The more we use communication to pass on short quick messages, the shorter our emails get. This shortage of communication has not only affected letters. I think it’s spread to other forms of communication as well.

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing but I can’t necessarily say that it’s a bad thing either. Maybe this is the evolution of communication. And if this truly is evolution then this could be the more efficient, compact and better way to go ahead.