Pictorial Representations

I’ll soon be using a project management tool. A lot of project work is visual representation of the work being done. Hopefully this will add to my skills. I’ll post a review of the software after I’ve used it a couple of times.

In other news I also updated my resume. I’m making a transition to working outside of my home country, I’ve deferred an MBA admit and I’m using these new tools. Evidently I’m all over the place and not really sure where I’m headed. I can’t even say that I’m enjoying the ride.

Time for a paradigm shift in thought… Head over to those inspirational videos. Haha, they help for sure…


Funny i’d never thought of it

So Prince passed away a few days ago. It was sad I think because a lot of people paid tributes to the person. Apparently the guy had a lot of influence on the world of music. I never came to appreciate his music personally. Every time I listened to him I felt like he was misplaced relic from a the ’70s. I felt like maybe that was one of the reasons people appreciated him. They missed the ’70s and they took to him because he was like a remnant of that generation.
Today however I heard purple rain. To realize that there was a guitar solo hidden in that song was a revelation. I loved the guitar solo! I couldn’t stop listening to different versions of the song. Now I’m listening to best of Prince on Apple music. I couldn’t find much of his music. Then I also realized that he was one of those people who threatened to sue YouTube for having his music online. He/ his management were also one of those who threatened Weird Al Yankovic not to create a parody of him.
Funny, I thought. He’s one of those people who is over protective about his creations and does not put it out there for people to enjoy. Well, I’m sure what I’m stating is an outrageous exaggeration. I would have however taken an instantaneous liking to the person if he’d been supportive of people putting his work out there.
There are too many hues in life to be judgemental. I have not even scratched the surface when we’re talking about variety in life. I am learning to be more broad minded everyday.

Gotta change the pace!

Its a holiday today and I’m already weary. It’s 9:10 am and I feel tired. What could the reason be? I wanted to start recording podcasts and I did figure out an app for that earlier this morning. I should have been excited but instead I feel tired. I’ve not even taken a step off the bed today.
I’ll start my day… Whatever that means… Slow day here I come!

Yesterday… Today…

Wanted to write this yesterday, but couldn’t. One, long form isn’t easy. It takes thought and effort to write looking passages. Second, I drifted away because of Robin. A social experiment by Reddit. Third, I was too tired to continue after all that.
I’ve moved into a new rented apartment. Not very great. An example: this morning opening the front door seemed to invite literally 100 mosquitoes inside. They flew in droves. I don’t know how they’ll get out, but they logically should because of the mosquito repellant.
Not sure how soon the HR will respond but dealing with them has been as obnoxious as I’d imagined. They’re tardy, careless and non chalant.
Another update for the day, I’m driving Delhi to Solan today. Will be tiring again. But more than that, I’m worried about the car’s tyres. They don’t seem very reliable after driving about 1600 kms recently. It’s 6:55 AM and I’m set for the day with a Keep note. That’s happening for me these days.