Python and Data Analysis

I’m interested in numbers. Maybe I’m not particularly good at them. I’m good at understanding the human emotion behind them. That’s what I think… Both those opinions above are mine and I could be wrong at both. I think people will be quick to point out how the second opinion is particularly false. This again is my opinion after all 🙂

So I want to get back to my fancy of programming. So, I’m reading about data analytics using python. I’ll read about SQL. I’ll try to create a time table so that I’m less distracted and can focus on these things. I do not want to get into news on reddit or news on arstechnica. Both those are wonderful resources though.

I think small contributions everyday to language learning, programming and physical activity will do me good. I’ll keep my brain and body active and hopefully I’ll be able to do more good to myself than a school degree. Let’s see…

Links to those resources:,



I’ve run out of data on my phone. That results in me sitting on my laptop with 15 tabs open at one time … at least.  However I don’t feel crippled as I had originally thought I’d feel. I’m doing pretty much OK.

Hulk Hogan won a case against Gawker. This also entitled him to $115M, without punitive damages.  Gawker was sued for publishing a sex tape.  I haven’t gotten into the details of the case but it seems like a $115M effectively might shut down Gawker.  If not then it’ll result in Gawker trying to make more money by increasing their advertising or sponsoring articles. This may lower the quality of their “journalism”.  This again will result in lower viewer-ship and loss of audience.  Perhaps it was a bad move for Gawker.

More about the case here:

Hello World

Almost a tradition to have that as my first blog post. This is my nth blog and the status as of today is that I’m awaiting a decision on what I’m going to do next in life. Yes, it’s my life but the decision isn’t mine. Such is life.

I’ve received an admit from a school, received and offer from my current job. Both have their pros and cons and I would like to talk about them. Perhaps in greater detail when I’ve decided already? Maybe now? It would certainly help me decide. Haha! But the decision is not mine. So for now I’ll just wait patiently…

In the mean time here are a few things I’m interested in currently:-

German on Duolingo

SQL on Python

All three of these add to my life plan