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And this goes…

Having unspace just means you’re a comfortable little rascal and don’t need anyone. I doubt anyone is like that. Imagine a life where there’s no sis, no mom… I know you mean temporary unspace, but look at life it’s so little so fleeting… Where do you have the time to have unspace. Tomorrow someone will be gone and then you’ll regret it, so make the best of what you have and cherish each moment. You can collect all your need of unspace and put it in a corner. In a few years that’s all you’ll have. Noone around… But what you want is best of both worlds. You want those you’re attached around you as well and then you want your space as well. Well, it’s a bit unfair to keep wanting. But you’re justified in asking why can’t you have it. The funny fact is that you have it, you just want more. You have space when you want it and you have people around you as well. Why complain?


Sexual harassment during a mentorship at Columbia

I applaud the action of professor Enrichetta Ravina. She taught as an asst. prof. at Columbia Business School and now seems to be embroiled in the sexual harassment case. After reading about the actions of Bekaert, the professor who was her mentor in the past I’m not surprised. It seems to be typical male behaviour. It’s not sad that this has come up as news of what goes on in a business school.
I think beneath the facetious behaviour of top schools there lies an undercurrent of filth. A lot of good work is being done. However, I cannot fathom that these people are very far away from their innate human nature. It is but natural to be attracted to the opposite gender. That inclines people to behave in weird, confusing, hideous and repulsive ways at times. Knowledge empowers us to understand these urges and behave in a thus humane way but the fact is those tendencies are always there.
All this being said it’s sad and depressing that this prof Bekaert couldn’t keep his sexual advances in check and made survival difficult for another individual. After all he was a professor at one of the finest business schools in the world. A place that boasts of inculcating qualities of executive presence, leadership and knowledge. Maybe it’s just wearing a shiny badge on the outside and is actually rotting on the inside.

Professor Enrichetta has filed a $20 million lawsuit against Columbia University, alleging a hostile work environment, gender discrimination, quid pro quo sexual harassment, retaliation, failure to promote, and wrongful discharge.

Source of the article on poets and quants: Click Here!

Checking to see if this works

Checking to see if this works

This is another of Tim Ferriss’ suggestions. Over time I’ve used and adopted, partially or wholly many of his suggestions. Here is another one. I think this will work. So what I’ve done is – used IFTTT to connect Evernote ramblings to my blog. If this works correctly, this post should appear on my blog.


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March 24, 2016 at 05:21AM
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Perhaps that’s not me

I’m beginning to wonder whether my posts read all together will portray a coherent picture or not? Are they meant to? Once again I begin my thought with questions. That’s how I am often confused, undetermined, pensive.

I’m looking back at my day at the office and glance through all those conversations in my head. It feels nauseating. So many things to talk about. So many artificial conversations. Is there a pressure when I’m speaking with people at work? Yes. Do I like that involvement and attention. No. Why do I do it? I get paid for easy work. It’s the middle ground between earning good money, utilizing my brain to do something constructive and being social. However, I don’t like to overdo that last bit. I can’t take those conversations for very long.

Those long, monotonous conversations, long silence before and after a meal, long walks. That’s me. I wish I could just walk up to most people and tell them, you know how irritating you are? I think a lot of people go through that emotion.

Moving to another country

So it’s almost like you believe in something and you get it. Really? I don’t think that statement portrays everything. I think it’s like when you talk about a full fledged war and interpret it like a skirmish. “…They all were ambushed and killed.” Doesn’t really portray everything and gives a false picture to anyone reading it.

So I will be moving to another country. I chose a life choice instead of learning at school. This will probably cut down my options for a two year MBA. Besides the choice to move to another country the original option to continue study to learn business in the US was very expensive.

This changes a lot of things. It does not make me a rich person at all. It gives me the same what I was getting but it does give me an additional year of international exposure. For now nothing has been finalized and neither do I have a contract. Let’s see how things pan out.


The heart rate

I’m not very sure if reducing the resting heart rate by profucely exercising is a very good idea. My current heart rate is 150 bpm. I’ve just finished a 30 minute exercise regimen that’s derived from some parts of yoga, running, ido portal and the jiu jitsu. My inspiration lies in all of those aspects.

This part of my post I’m writing now when I’m back home. My resting heart beat? A cool 48 bpm. The reason I’m not sure if this is best method is because if I look at the cumulative stress on my heart it might average out to the same 72 bpm over a larger period. Perhaps there is another way to look at this. I’m not sure as yet. I will read more about this and get back to it.

So long for now…

Two entertainers

I think I spent the day again… How? you ask… I spent it… I dare not answer it in further detail for fear of a debate with myself…

In the meantime I observed this video of an interview between two people, either of whom I don’t particularly like or dislike… But it does have a good insight as to how an educated and passionate conversation might take place.

The video is Russell Brand’s interview conducted by Jon Snow: Click Here!